Parking Director Mitch Osur to Expand Responsibilities to Include Downtown Services

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Parking Director Mitch Osur to Expand Responsibilities to Include Downtown Services

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Aspen, Colorado – February 27, 2017 – Aspen City Manager Steve Barwick announced in Monday’s City Council meeting that he is expanding Parking Services Director Mitch Osur’s responsibilities to include a new focus on the downtown core with a goal of providing a single liaison between business owners and the City, to support the business community in new ways, and to simplify the communication between all City departments who serve this area of town.

The move comes in recognition that downtown vitality is essential for Aspen’s economy and more organization and leadership for this area of town will further support the services the City provides to businesses, visitors, and residents.

“As an organization we’ve been talking about the need for such services for a while,” City Manager Steve Barwick said.  “There is so much going on downtown and many opportunities to better communicate with our businesses.  Mitch’s background is in retail and customer service, which makes him uniquely qualified to serve our downtown businesses.  In addition, parking is such an integral aspect of downtown vitality it makes sense for Osur to take on this responsibility,” Barwick said.  

The City is in the midst of the Pedestrian Mall Improvement Project, which requires consistent communication with businesses, which will be just one of Osur’s focuses.

Osur’s responsibilities and goals will also include:
•    Creating consistent dialogue with downtown business owners
•    Acting as a liaison between business owners and the City
•    Coordinating business opportunities and events downtown such as off-season sidewalk sales, gallery walks, or late night business events
•    Collaborating on beautification projects downtown
•    Expanding business opportunities in Aspen
•    Greeting representatives from every new business that opens in town
•    Ensuring a quality experience for visitors and residents who visit downtown Aspen
•    Representing the City at CCLC meetings
•    Communicating with businesses about special projects, right-of-way, code and zoning issues, mall leases, and environmental priorities
•    Creating a collaborative environment for expanding Aspen’s downtown economy
•    Coordinating the activities of multiple City departments in the downtown core

The expectation is that as Osur moves forward in this position, his responsibilities will evolve.  “This is the direction many communities like Aspen are moving,” Osur said.  “Boulder, Mill Valley, CA and Flagstaff, AZ are just some examples of towns and cities where downtown coordinator positions have been created in order to focus on vitality and communication.”

Osur will continue to carry out his duties as Parking Director for the City of Aspen.  There is no new title for the position and a reclassification, including salary, will likely take place in the future.


Posted on Monday, February 27, 2017