New Fast Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Aspen
PRESS RELEASE New Fast Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Aspen Contact: Laura Armstrong, Climate Action and Sustainability Associate, City of Aspen, 970.920.5104 or Aspen, Colorado – June 13, 2017 – The City of Aspen is pleased to announce it has installed an electric vehicle (EV) DC fast charging station at the corner of Galena and Dean Streets for public use. Drivers can charge and park for a maximum of one hour. Vehicle charging is free, though normal parking rates apply. This 50-kW output unit is one of the fastest stations available on the market, charging at a maximum rate of 200 miles of range per hour. This compares to most public charging stations in the Roaring Fork Valley, which charge 10-20 miles of range per hour. The new station is one of three public DC fast charging stations in the Valley. Two other fast chargers in Aspen are located in the Rio Grande Parking Garage and Pitkin County Public Works at the Aspen Airport Business Center. These are also significant for EV drivers statewide because these are the westernmost fast chargers that service all electric vehicles in Colorado. It is a goal of the City of Aspen through its 2017 Aspen Community Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan to increase the availability of EV charging infrastructure. The location on Galena St. was chosen for a variety of characteristics including: proximity to basic services, shopping, and restaurants, as well as electrical capacity; installation cost; and the fact that the charging space will not take away any public parking spaces. The project was supported through a grant from the Colorado Energy Office. The City of Aspen encourages drivers to switch from gas to electric vehicles and supports this effort via installing fast chargers, running free test drive events, and sponsoring an EV sale statewide through June. Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, cut carbon footprint by 36%, and save drivers money on fuel and maintenance. Drivers of all-electric vehicles can also apply for a parking permit to park for free in Aspen’s residential areas. For more information, call: 970.920.5104. ###

Posted on Tuesday, June 13, 2017