Additional Things to Know:
Any event taking place on public property is required to go through the ZGreen program, and events taking place on private property are welcome to participate on a voluntary basis.


What is ZGreen?

The City of Aspen's ZGreen Program is a certification and outreach program designed to help Aspen's businesses, events, residents and visitors create a more sustainable community.
You can learn more by visiting the Environmental Health ZGreen page.


ZGreen Event Certification:

All events applying for a special event permit are now required to meet ZGreen Event standards. After your event, a report card evaluating your event against ZGreen standards will be posted online.


How the ZGreen Program Can Help Your Event

The City of Aspen offers the following free resources and services:

ZGreen Event Checklists:

The appropriate ZGreen checklist must be submitted for your event based upon your event classification.


Submit Your Completed Checklist:

Complete the event checklist and email it as an attachment to Liz O'Connell


Contact Us:

Feel free to contact us with any further questions
Liz O'Connell
(970) 429-1831