Additional Things to Know:
All vendors selling or promoting their business must be licensed with the City of Aspen.


To learn more about license requirements, visit Determine If You Need a Business License.


Temporary Business Licenses for Vendors:

A temporary business license is designed for those conducting business within the City of Aspen on a temporary basis, and it is cheaper and easier to obtain than an annual business license.
  • Temporary Business Licenses are valid for a maximum of 2 days. 
  • If you only anticipate participating as a vendor in a special event for a limited period of time, the Temporary Business License is most likely your best option.



1 Day Temporary License -     $15.00
2 Day Temporary License -     $25.00
Not-for-Profit Organization -     $0.00

Apply for a Temporary Business License:

Complete the following application form and return with your payment it to the City of Aspen Finance department.


City of Aspen
Finance Department
130 S. Galena St.
Aspen, CO 81611