Talk With Staff About Your Proposed Event
To help you fully understand the requirements associated with your Special Event permit application, we strongly recommend meeting with Special Events staff on a voluntary and informal basis prior to completing or submitting your permit application.


In addition to informal meetings, a formal Pre-Submittal Meeting is required for Major and Moderate events. In these meetings, staff will help assure you:
  • Understand time frames required to handle these permit applications
  • Guide you away from pitfalls
  • Provide you with information about the variety of permit and license types needed for these more complex events
  • Discuss compliance needs
  • Help assure you are on your way to a timely approval


Please come prepared to discuss your tentative plans. Staff can most effectively assist you if you have thought about, and bring information regarding the following:
  • Approximate dates of the event
  • Proposed event location
  • Estimated attendance
  • Brief description of the event and what it will include


Contact Us:

Special Events
Permit Coordinator
(970) 429-2094


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