Submitting a complete application with all supporting documents is necessary for your permit application(s) to be accepted. Doing this the first time will save you review time. Below are some of the most common reasons permit applications are delayed.


Top Reasons Special Event and Other Permits are Delayed:


Application is incomplete or missing information
  • Application answers should provide sufficient explanations so someone who knows nothing about your event would understand what is occurring
  • Make sure you include all of the relevant, most recent documents
  • Do not write "see above" or "see below" or "as in past years" as a reference within the application. This is insufficient for staff review
Not including a current map of the venue/event site
  • The map included needs to be up to date and detailed enough to lay out event plans, staging areas, entrances, exits, etc.
Attempting to use old information from an event in the past
  • If you are utilizing information from an event in the past, be sure to update all of the information for the current event.
Proposed date(s) for events are during City Black out Dates
  • The City prohibits events from taking place when resources are already stressed or maxed out.
  • You can get a better understanding of when these dates occur at our Calendar of Event Black Out Dates
Location for the proposed event is unavailable
  • Before submitting your application, make sure the location is available for your proposed dates
Re-applying with a previous negative post-action review designation
  • During and after your event, you will be inspected and reviewed against the agreed upon criteria and plan for your event.
  • Receiving a negative post-action review designation may prevent you from hosting special events in the future.