Schedule a Debriefing Session
Depending upon the Classification of Your Event, you may be required to meet with City Staff for a debriefing session. The Permit Coordinator will notify you when your event is required to debrief and what information you will need to provide, but the information below outlines when you might be required to set up a debriefing session.


When is a Debriefing Session Required?

Required for:
  • All Major Events
  • All Moderate Events
  • All Recurring Events
Discretionary for:
  • Minor Events
Not required for:
  • Administrative Approvals

Schedule a Debriefing Session:

Special Events
Permit Coordinator
(970) 429-2094


Even if you aren't required to go through a formal debriefing session, it is still a good idea to talk with staff about your event. During this meeting, you will review successes and challenges to improve your event next time.


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