Review Successes and Challenges
Reviewing successes and challenges will occur during your Debriefing Session. This step is done to ensure both City Staff and Special Event Hosts learn from their recent experiences. These lessons learned are then utilized for the next time you host a special event.


Common Topics for Reviewing Successes and Challenges:

  • Permit compliance
  • Public comments
  • Advertising and attendance results
  • Congestion issues
  • Traffic complications
  • Security or health concerns
  • Noise complaints
  • Trash and littering issues
  • ACRA satisfaction survey


Negative After-Action Review Designation: 

If your event experienced serious challenges, created concerns or if your event violated requirements and standards, you may receive a Negative Post-Action Review Designation.


A Negative Post-Action Review Designation may cause City Staff to:
  • Prohibit the event from taking place again in the future
  • Prohibit the host from holding any future events
  • Require additional conditions in the future



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