Respond to Reviewer Comments and Requirements
Depending upon your Event Classification, you may or may not have been required to meet with different agencies, staff or even City Council. During these meetings, it is likely staff will request additional information or modifications to your plan.


Any requests for additional information or revisions to your event plan must be addressed before your application can be finalized and approved.


When responding to any requested changes or revisions, be sure to keep the following in mind:
  • Make sure you indicate the details of the event application you are submitting revisions.
  • Include an explanation of the request and what was done to meet it. Reviewers are examining multiple applications, and if you summarize the change it will save review time.
  • Make additions/revisions to the original application and plan or make sure the new documents clearly indicate what was revised to meet the request.
  • Do not submit documents by themselves with no explanation of why you're submitting them and what was revised.


Who to Contact with Your Response:

If you have questions about requested revisions to your applications and approvals, please contact the agency or department responsible for the approval. All contact information, by question type, is available on our Contact Us page.


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