Additional Things to Know:
Many Special Events are held year-after-year in Aspen. To expedite the review of Special Event applications for such events, the City of Aspen has developed a separate Special Event Permit Renewal option for events classified as Administrative Approvals, Minor Events or Moderate Events.

Major Events
are not eligible
for the expedited renewal option because of the need for coordination between many agencies and the applicant.


Event Eligibility for Renewal Options:
To be eligible for this option, the following must be true:
  1. There have been no changes to the location of the event
  2. There have been no changes to the duration of the event
  3. The event will be held within three days of the time it was previously held
  4. There have been no changes to road closures or parking needs
  5. There have been no changes to the safety, security, or transportation requirements
  6. There have been no changes in the anticipated size of the event (number of participants or spectators)
  7. There have been no changes in the event sponsor or the financial status of the event sponsor
  8. There have been no negative after-action designations by any reviewing or inspecting agencies for the most recent prior year the event was held.
  9. The event has been reviewed at least once through the normal channels of the revised 2014 Special Events review process.
  10. There have been no changes to the event that would change its Special Event Classification.

Key Notes for Special Event Application Renewals:
Application deadline:
  • The application deadline for renewals is the same for the event’s classification when it was most recently approved.

Application review process:
  • A new, complete application form must be submitted
  • If a proposed event meets the renewal conditions, the permit application can be approved at the discretion of the Special Events Department, without the standard review meetings and review agency participation. However, the Special Events Department will:
    • Verify the conditions for a renewal were in fact met
    • Obtain approval for the renewal option from the agencies who approved the application the prior year the event was held
    • Require meetings if necessary to assure the event will again be held successfully
    • Provide the final approval and sign-off on the application when appropriate
  • The Special Event Department also retains the authority to require an event to go through the standard review process if:
    • Conditions have changed more than applicant indicated
    • One or more review agencies do not agree to the renewal option
    • The Special Events Department has any concerns whatsoever about the ability of the event to be held safely or successfully