Prepare Your Application
All applications will need to indicate:
  • Name of the applicant
  • Location to be used
  • The date(s) and time(s) of the event.  Including set-up and strike of your event

Special Event Application Checklist:
In addition to the general information above, the checklist below provides an overview of the other information that may be needed with your application. These plans and requirements are also broken down by classification of your event in the graphic below.
  1. Summary of Event
  2. Parks Permit or Evidence of Permission to Use Premises
  3. Contact Information
  4. Sales Tax and Business License
  5. Site Plan and Route Map
  6. Security Plan
  7. Medical Plan
  8. Insurance Application or Proof of Insurance with City
  9. Accessibility Plan
  10. Alcohol Permit
  11. Temporary Food Service Approval



Determine the Primary Location of Your Event:

  • To determine your primary location, you can refer to the City of Aspen/Pitkin County GIS page.
  • If your event will occur entirely within the City of Aspen, the Town of Snowmass Village, or unincorporated Pitkin County then please identify it as the primary location.
  • If your event will occur within multiple jurisdictions identify the jurisdiction where the majority of event impact will occur as the primary location.

Be aware of the following:

After review of your application by staff and applicable referral agencies, you will be notified if your event:

  • Requires other permits or additional information
  • Requires a meeting with the Special Event Permit Review Committee
  • Requires fees and damage and/or security deposits 


The Special Event Permit Review Committee is made up of agencies involved in the permitting process or whose resources may be impacted by the event.

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