Notify Neighbors
Being a good neighbor is essential to a successful event.The City requires all applicants planning to host a special event to notify the immediate neighbors of the event venue. This is done to ensure proper communication so neighbors have proper notice of the event taking place in their environment.


Notification Requirements:

  • All neighbors within 300 feet must be notified at least 14 days before the event
  • The notification must be provided in person or through the mail


What to Include in Your Notification

A proper notification should include the following information about your event:
  • Contact information for the producers of the event
    • Must provide a cell phone
    • Must include a secondary contact 
  • Date(s)
  • Time and duration
  • Size of the event / Anticipated attendance
  • A brief description of the event and what will be taking place
  • Any anticipated impacts to the neighbors (e.g. amplified noise, limited parking, increased traffic, etc.)
  • Other relevant information


Staff Review:

Special Events staff will be happy to review your notification, but you must submit your notification before it is finalized and mailed out. This is done to ensure you've met all requirements and are giving proper notice.


Special Events
Permit Coordinator
(970) 429-2094 

Notification Template:
The link below takes you to a notification template which can be used to create your own notification


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