Meet With Your Application Reviewers
Depending upon your Event Classification, your application for a Special Event permit will need to be reviewed by various agencies, staff persons and even City Council. In addition, the Special Events staff encourage applicants to contact them at any time via phone or email with questions or to schedule meetings to review their applications.


Schedule a Review Meeting:

To begin your review and schedule a meeting with staff, please contact us at the information below:

Special Events
Permit Coordinator
(970) 429-2094


The table below provides a summary of what meetings will be required for your application review.

Application Classification
Preferred Application Deadline (days prior)
Pre-Submittal Meeting
Review Meeting with Agencies
Council Review
Major120 Days
Full SE Committee Action Item
Moderate 90 Days
Relevant Review Agencies
Action or Consent Item
Minor 30 Days
DiscretionaryDiscretionaryInformation Item
Administrative 14 Days
NoInformation Item
Recurring14 Days
 DiscretionarySame as above   


What to Expect:
You can expect staff to review and ask questions about the details of your event, depending upon the level of the review your event will be going through. During this initial process, the Special Event Permit Coordinator is working to assist you and make sure all other review agencies have the information they're going to need to approve your event. If your event will be reviewed by the Special Events Committee, each agency will have their own criteria for approval.


The Special Event Committee is made up of members representing the following agencies:
  • Aspen Ambulance District
  • Building Department
  • City Clerk
  • Community Development
  • Community Relations
  • Engineering Department
  • Environmental Health
  • Finance Department
  • Fire Marshal
  • Parks Department
  • Parking Department
  • Police / Community Safety
  • Risk Management
  • Special Events Department
  • Streets Department
  • Transportation Department
  • Wheeler Opera House


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