Inspecting Your Event:

Inspections are done in association with the permits issued for your event by the agency issuing the permit. Some types of inspections are done randomly and others are required as part of the approval process.


Inspections are required for Tent Permits once the structure is set up, but BEFORE any decor or furnishings are in place. 

The table below will help explain which inspections you can expect to take place at your event.


Electrical Inspection
Required for electrical permits. Conducted by the Building dept. before an electrical permit is issued to verify all mechanical operations are safe and compliant. Please review the Electrical inspection guidelines. Inspections can be requested online.  Note: Inspections outside of normal working hours must be arranged a minimum of 5 business days prior to inspection and may be assessed an additional inspection fee.
Food Inspection
 Occurs randomly by the Environmental Health dept. to verify all food service is in compliance and within the scope of the temporary food service license.
 Noise Inspection
 Environmental Health conducts noise inspections only when there is a noise complaint, and decibel levels are recorded to verify compliance.
 Parks Inspection
 Required for park reservations. Inspections are conducted by the Parks staff to verify event is meeting the terms of the lease, including: start and end times, locations, etc.
Tent Inspection
 Conducted by the Fire Department before the event to verify compliance and safety of the structure, as laid out within the tent permit. You must call for an inspection BEFORE your event. (970) 925-2690 or Submit an Inspection Request
 ZGreen Inspection
 Conducted for all Moderate and Major events by the Environmental Health dept. to measure the event's effort in reducing waste.


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