Carry Out Your Approved Plan
When holding your event, it is very important you adhere to the approved plans from your application process.


Staff will be inspecting your event in order to ensure you comply with standards, and you will be expected to carry out the approved plan to Pass Inspections. If you make significant changes to your event, you will want to notify staff and update your event plan.


Examples of Significant Changes to an Approved Plan for your Event:
If you...
  • Change the time and/or date(s) of the event
  • Decide to serve food or alcohol
  • Require additional parking
  • Require additional street closures
  • Make other significant changes to the size and scope of your event
You will need to notify Special Events staff for an updated plan and unexpected changes.


Update Your Event Plan:
  • Please contact the Special Events Permit Coordinator immediately if you have any significant changes to your event plan:
Special Events
Permit Coordinator
(970) 429-2094


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