Determine If You Need a Permit or License
What Activities Require Special Events Permits?
In general, any organized activity involving the use of, or having impact upon the following require a Special Event permit:
  • Public property
  • Public facilities
  • Parks
  • Sidewalks
  • Roads
  • Temporary use of private property in a manner varying from its current land use


What Events are in Keeping with Aspen Principles?

The City of Aspen has established Principles and Policies to help applicants understand how to keep their events in alignment with City expectations.
Before applying for a Special Event Permit, please review the Principles and Policies Page.


What Other Permits and Licenses Might be Necessary?

Be aware, in addition to your special event permit, there are other City approvals, licenses and permits you may need depending upon the scope of your event, and timelines for these additional permits and licenses may vary from those of the Special Event Permit.


You can find additional information on other commonly needed permits by visiting our Know If You Need Additional Approvals Page.

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