Additional Things to Know:
Any event serving alcohol must be reviewed by the Special Events Permit Review Committee.  Below are a list of required documents you should prepare and submit with your application.


Requirements to Serve Alcohol at Special Events:


Private Events:

  • The event must be invitation only - not open to the public
  • The host must obtain insurance to cover the event


Public Events:
  • Events open to the public requesting alcohol must be sponsored/hosted by a non-profit organization
  • The Special Event Liquor License Application must be submitted to the City Clerk a minimum of 14 business days prior to the event and adhere to all state and local laws
  • Alcohol must be provided by a wholesaler
  • The host must obtain insurance to cover the event


Special Event Liquor License Application Requirements:

  • Appropriate Fee - Refer to the Liquor License Fee Page
  • Diagram of the area to be licensed and a narrative of how this area will be controlled
  • Copy of deed, lease, or written permission of owner for use of the premises


Apply for a Special Event Liquor License:


Submit the completed application form to the City Clerk:
City Clerk
130 S. Galena
Aspen, CO 81611
(970) 429-2687
Fax: (970) 920-5197


Further details and requirements can be found on the Pitkin County website and the State of Colorado website